Galaxy Watch 3 should come with new moves


A demonstration of the Samsung application shows that the Galaxy Watch 3 will be able to identify a fall suffered by the user and give the person time to touch a button to confirm that he is well.

Otherwise, the device sends messages and initiates a call to registered emergency contacts.

The functionality looks like that offered by the Apple watch. Since the 2018 Apple Watch 4, the company has accumulated reports from users who say they were saved after an accident or health problem in which the smartwatch acted to call for help automatically.

The application also provides instructions on how to make gestures for calls. The Galaxy Watch 3 should allow the user to shake the wrist to refuse or end a call or to open the wrist to answer it without having to touch the screen.

According to the 9to5Google portal, Samsung’s new watch will also bring more virtual displays. In addition, the device may allow you to add several at once and use the “shuffle” function to merge different frequently used layouts.

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