Galaxy Upcycling turns old phones into IoT devices


Samsung announced at CES 2021 the Galaxy Upcycling at Home program, which is an extension of the company’s cell phone reuse initiative. The novelty brings updates that allow transforming older cell phones into devices for a connected home, such as a command center for smart devices or a baby monitor.

According to the company, the babysitter function adapts the interface of the old cell phone and uses the device’s sensors to detect when the baby is crying. When identifying a child’s activity, the reused device sends a notification to the user’s primary smartphone.

The use as a command center allows you to use the smartphone stored in the drawer as a device to manage other connected devices. After configuration, the product can receive remote commands to turn on lights, for example.

The company also stressed that Galaxy Upcycling at Home also performs connected procedures securely. As some modern devices from the brand have support for Knox technology, user data remains protected when using the functions.

Samsung’s goal with Galaxy Upcycling at Home is to decrease the disposal of smartphones and electronics. In addition to expanding the mobile phone reuse program, the company also revealed that it will use more environmentally friendly packaging on its TVs, including boxes that can be remodeled as home furniture.


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