Galaxy S22 Ultra Will Not Search For Galaxy Note Series


Twitter user Ice Universe announced that the Galaxy S22 Ultra will have an S Pen slot.


With Samsung’s launch of the Galaxy S21 family, the eyes turned to the Galaxy S22 series, which will be introduced next year. A new leak has emerged regarding the S Pen support of the Galaxy S22 Ultra model.

Samsung, which did not add the S Pen slot to the Galaxy S21 Ultra, was criticized by many. The company, which wants to take the user experience to the next level with the Galaxy S22 Ultra, which will be released in 2022, will make room for the S Pen for the new model, according to leaks.

S Pen touch on Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

Launching the last Note series last year, Samsung brought S Pen support to the Galaxy S family with the Galaxy S21 Ultra. Famous for its leaks, Twitter user Ice Universe stated that the Galaxy S22 Ultra model will have an S Pen slot.

It is certain that Samsung will not continue the production of the Galaxy Note series with unique features. Transferring the S Pen technology identified with the Note series to the Galaxy S family, Samsung will offer S Pen slots to users in its new models.

It is stated that the Samsung S22 Ultra model will meet users with 19.3: 9, unlike the 20: 9 screen ratio that we encounter in the standard Galaxy S series.

Despite the S Pen slot, the leaked device, which will be introduced with a 5,000 mAh battery, will have the same battery capacity as the Galaxy S21 Ultra.


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