Galaxy S22 Ultra Could Be The New Note And Samsung Confirms Announcement


Galaxy S22 Ultra: On Thursday night (20), Samsung confirmed that it will hold an Unpacked event in February. In an editorial — with many clues — signed by TM Roh, president of the company’s mobile division, the end of the Galaxy Note line of cell phones was implied. With this, functions like the S Pen are expected to arrive on the Galaxy S22 Ultra. The specific date, although not confirmed, could be the 8th of the next month, as suggested by the DDaily website.

The information released today corroborates the rumors released in recent months. They suggest that the Ultra version of the Galaxy S22 line will, in fact, bring support and a dedicated space for the S Pen, just like the Galaxy Note line. In 2021, Samsung released the S21 with stylus support but no dedicated space, and it didn’t release a new Note.

“We know many of you were surprised when Samsung didn’t release a new Galaxy Note last year,” wrote Roh. While he didn’t go into much detail, he did point out the “creativity and efficiency” of the line, gaming and productivity specialties, as well as the S Pen, saying that “we haven’t forgotten about those experiences you love.”

According to the executive, the next generation of the Galaxy S line will be “notable” (or “noteworthy”, in English). “In the February 2022 Unpacked, we will introduce the most remarkable S-series device we’ve ever created,” the publication reads. Roh also cites that the next Galaxy S brings together the company’s best experiences “in a definitive device”. In the US, it is already possible to enter the list for the “pre-purchase” of the device before the announcement.