Galaxy S22 Ultra Can Win Camera That Captures ‘Lots Of Details’


Galaxy S22 Ultra: Scheduled for release in February next year, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra should present important improvements in the camera set, compared to the S21 Ultra, gaining a macro mode similar to that of the iPhone. Who guarantees it is the Korean site ITMaterial, which released the rumor this Sunday (19).

According to the publication, macrophotography will be present in the main camera of the most powerful variant of the future Galaxy S22 series, which will have a 108 MP sensor, making it possible to record images of small objects and animals with a high level of quality. The novelty is called by the manufacturer “detail intensifier”.

This possible Samsung’s next top-of-the-line functionality was discovered in code snippets accessed by the page. Also according to the report, the function is only activated on the main lens of the rear set, which will feature four sensors, including an ultrawide unit and two of the telephoto type.

As the feature works on the 108 MP camera, the possibility was raised that the macro mode could also be taken to other cell phones with the same sensor, among which the S21 Ultra. This is not clear, but the chance that the new will reach old phones through an update is not ruled out.

More improvements

Even with a resolution identical to the current model, the S22 Ultra’s camera should bring several improvements, in addition to the aforementioned macro mode. According to leak expert Ice Universe, the South Korean brand is working on an image enhancement system powered by artificial intelligence.

The technology will result in better colors, details and shine, according to the leaker. He says he still has photographic evidence of advances in the sensor caused by the use of the tool, but that he cannot release the samples at this time.