Galaxy S22 Ultra Can Bring 200 MP Camera With Enhanced Zoom

Galaxy S22 Ultra: Expected to come out in early 2022, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is expected to bring several advances in relation to cameras. The Ice Universe leaker revealed possible details about the smartphone on the Chinese social network Weibo.

In addition to a 200 MP primary camera, the phone may have a sensor with the enhanced technology of continuous periscope zoom. Most smartphone cameras now offer only an optical zoom level.

Comparing to the Galaxy S21 Ultra, the current smartphone uses two fixed lenses for optical zoom (3x and 10x). At levels that are not native, the result is low quality images.

With fixed lenses, the device must use a cropped image from the main camera or an intermediate zoom level before applying the periscope zoom. Thus, he is unable to make “clean” records of the expanded scenario.

With Samsung’s new technology, the continuous periscope zoom will go from 3x to 10x freely. This will make it possible to take sharper and more detailed photos at all magnification levels.

Front camera under the screen

In addition to the advances in continuous zoom, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra may have a front camera under the device’s screen. That is, the smartphone’s display will not have holes for the sensor or notchs.

It is expected that the South Korean brand will start applying the new sensor technology for selfies on the Galaxy Z Fold 3. Therefore, it would not be a surprise that the S22 Ultra also received the same feature.

Finally, information from the Ice Universe indicates that the phone will use Samsung’s Exynos 2200 chip and AMD’s Radeon Mobile GPU. In addition, it can use Olympus brand camera sensors.



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