Galaxy S22 Passes 1st Endurance Test With Full Marks


Galaxy S22: Two days after the official presentation by Samsung, the Galaxy S22 smartphone passed the first resistance and repairability tests.

The PBKreviews YouTube channel carried out both analyses, showing in practice how easy the South Korean model is to be dismantled and undergo maintenance, in addition to assessing whether it withstands risks, contact with water and being bent.

Endurance test

The classic endurance test applied to the smartphone was a success and the device received the highest possible score, with 10 points.

It was considered excellent in waterproofing, scratch resistance, material quality in general, the ability of the edges to withstand the bending movement made by the hands and whether the biometric reader continues to work even with scratches in place.

Maintenance proof

In terms of repairability, the smartphone scored 7.5 out of 10 possible points. It was completely opened and the components were removed one by one, to verify how simple it is to be modified and to have the parts replaced in case of defects.

The average was severely hampered by the battery: the power source was found to be quite difficult to remove, requiring more care and special tools than usual. In the other categories, however, he was praised.

The smartphone and its variants, the Galaxy S22+ and Galaxy S22 Ultra, are expected to undergo more similar reviews on other websites and channels in the coming weeks.