Galaxy S22: Double Standard In The Series!


Galaxy S22 and S22+ will come with a plastic back cover. It turned out that the Galaxy S22 series, which Samsung will launch next year, will make a significant difference in material quality.

Less than a year after the Samsung Galaxy S21 series went on sale, leaks began to emerge about the Galaxy S22 family. The South Korean manufacturer preferred to produce the back cover of the S21 from plastic, and the S21+ and S21 Ultra without glass coating. Due to this strategy, the company received comments that the difference in material quality between Ultra and Plus fell into the background.

It turned out that this time Samsung will only produce the Galaxy S22 Ultra variant from glass. A different technology will be featured in the material quality of the rest of the series.

Galaxy S22 and S22+ will come with a plastic back cover

According to the news of Android Authority, the back cover of the Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22 + models will be made of plastic. Samsung will increase the durability of plastic thanks to a “brand new processing technology” whose details are unclear. Compared to the Galaxy S21, it will be more resistant to impacts. In other words, users will not encounter a phone produced with poor material quality.

In the Galaxy S22 Ultra variant, a back cover made entirely of glass will welcome us. The reason why Samsung goes to such a difference is that it wants to bring “Ultra” more to the fore. Moreover, the only difference is not in the material quality, the screen sizes will also vary in each model. While the Galaxy S22 has a 6.06-6.1-inch screen, the S22 Plus 6.5-6.6 and S22 Ultra will be launched with a 6.8-inch screen. While there is no change in the size of the Ultra, the dimensions of the standard and Plus models will be slightly reduced compared to the S21 series.

Galaxy S21, S21 Plus and S21 Ultra models all came with 120Hz displays. Samsung will continue this in the Galaxy S22 family. The company’s new generation flagships will have high-end display features. We will also see OLED panels using LTPO technology in these devices.

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