Galaxy S21: what features lost the best of the series


The arrival of Samsung’s Galaxy S21 family was full of attention, not only because of the great design that the Korean adopted for the devices but also because they lost the charger and headset in the box.

But for those who think that these were the only resources lost compared to the predecessor, it is better to think again.

The new models also bring changes in relation to Samsung Pay, the brand’s mobile payment system, and can no longer be used with MST (Magnetic Secure Transmission) technology, which basically simulated the stripe of conventional credit cards.

The feature facilitated the use of the service with a machine that did not yet have NFC compatibility, which made the experience of paying via cell phone even more convenient.

Perhaps the South Korean has decided to remove the resource due to some problems in the operation because, according to information published by The Verge, on several occasions it refused to work.

The increased popularity of NFC may also have contributed to Samy’s decision, after all, the MST would become increasingly redundant, seeing that NFC is now more easily found.

In addition, the new laptops in the Galaxy S21 line also left aside storage via microSD which, for many, turned out to be a great differentiator.


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