Galaxy S21 Ultra wins luxury editions


The Galaxy S21 series was introduced last week by Samsung, with the most robust model being the Galaxy S21 Ultra. As if the top of the line was not already expensive enough – although we do not have access to the values ​​for Brazil yet, in Europe it debuted for € 1,279 (~ R $ 8,300), the Russian company Caviar decided to officialize luxury versions of the device.

The collection features five different designs and ships more durable and rare materials, including gold, precious metals, leather and titanium.

The cheapest of these is the White Alligator, which features white crocodile leather and shiny silver accents. This stylish smartphone will sell for $ 5,980 (~ R $ 31,345).

Then there is the Ultra carbon version, with a sober carbon fiber design, which reinforces the strength of the device. For this, the value for the 128 GB variant is US $ 6,060 (~ R $ 31,777).

The S21 Ultra Golden Lines, Like the. The name itself says, it has golden lines on the left and right sides. The Caviar logo was positioned in the middle and the frame and cutout of the cameras are black. This version will have 99 copies produced with a price starting at US $ 6,140 (~ R $ 32,214).


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