Galaxy S21 Ultra: slow motion mode explains the difference


When Samsung announced the Galaxy S1 Ultra cell phone, many were surprised that the manufacturer managed to make the model have an attractive photographic performance and, apparently, without bugs, as it happened in the S20 Ultra model.

However, it seems that this was maintained, since a detail was noticed that had not been mentioned during the event. This is because the smartphone does not have the same shooting quality for videos in super slow-motion mode. This is due to the fact that the company applied the feature on the S21 and S21 Plus so that they can capture 960 fps, where takes are detected every 0.5 seconds, at the most.

Therefore, it was expected that something similar, or better, would be applied to the most premium model, but that is not what happened. This is because the S21 Ultra can only make these video recordings natively at 480 fps, something that may not be noticeable in some situations, but it can bother those who are more technical.

But even so, Samsung made sure to explain the reasons for such a difference between the three devices in this mode. This is because the image sensor of the S21 Ultra is higher, so the shutter speed ends up being slower and this directly influences the results obtained.

To compensate for this disparity, the South Korean manufacturer compensated the S21 Ultra via software, converting the frame rate artificially, something that demonstrates why many do not notice the difference. So, whoever buys the most expensive cell phone in the line does not have to worry about the possibility of having an inferior experience when using the super slow-motion mode

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