Galaxy S21 Ultra Has Bug That Can Drain Battery Without Uusing Cell Phone


Galaxy S21 Ultra: Recently, an unusual problem has been disrupting the lives of users who own Samsung’s top-of-the-line Galaxy S21 Ultra. The cell phone has reportedly suffered a huge battery drain thanks to the high power consumption of the camera’s native app.

According to reports, the problem is especially evident when the device is in disuse during walks, suggesting that it may be related to movement sensors.

In this case, the power drain can consume up to 21% of the cell’s battery capacity (5,000 mAh) over 7 hours of idle time and only 15 minutes of screen on — as reported by one user. To make matters worse, the data was only logged by external apps and was not detected by the native Android tool.

So far, the Galaxy S21 Ultra appears to be the only model in the lineup that suffers from the issue, as Galaxy Note 20 Ultra users have reported that although the camera app is similarly activated, the effect does not lead to severe battery drains.

Even after the numerous reports documented in its official customer support channels, Samsung has not yet released a fix for the issue.


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