Galaxy S21 series: expected GCam version released


Galaxy S21 series undoubtedly does a good job with its camera features. However, no one knows how ambitious Google is in developing camera software. Because the company’s Google Camera application for Android phones is one of the best alternatives for stock cameras. GCam 8.1 version for Galaxy S21 series has been released. So how to install GCam for Galaxy S21 models? Here is a step-by-step installation guideā€¦

Galaxy S21 GCam installation guide

The third-party software GCam application for smartphones is much better than its competitors. The goodness of the Google Camera is definitely underlying the features that the company has added to the application. For example, the processing applied to the captured images offers clearer images compared to stock cameras. It is also worth noting that GCam did very well in night shots.

Samsung’s Galaxy S21 series is still very new. The company released these phones in January and their camera software is just beginning to develop. Google has finally launched the new GCam app for these phones. This application, which comes in two different versions, will be a good option for S21 users. So how to install Google Camera on S21 series?

  • After the download is complete, let’s open the file. (Allow unknown sources)
  • Then install the APK of the file you downloaded and wait for it to complete.
  • After the installation is complete, you can open the application.
  • If the GCam application you have installed does not work on your Galaxy S21 models, try alternative ones from the link we provided. If the application runs successfully after all these processes, you can experience the features offered by GCam by logging in.

The 8.1 version of Google Camera continues to retain all the functions of the previous 7.4 and 7.3. It also brings along the following innovations;

  • Fast zoom
  • Cinematic Pan
  • Improved Super Res zoom
  • Support for porte mode in night vision

To install this application on your phones, please complete what we have mentioned above.


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