Galaxy S21: Samsung will allow mobile phone rental


The Galaxy S21 line has just been announced, bringing several interesting novelties and the latest in terms of mobile technology, however, we know that not everyone can be interested in the model, especially with such high prices.

Therefore, Samsung has started a new service called Galaxy To Go, which guarantees the rental of the device for up to three days, at the moment, something only available in South Korea.

The initiative, which will start on March 14, aims to place the device in the hands of consumers so that they can take a “test drive” before deciding to buy the device.

It arrives as an attempt to boost sales of the company’s latest flagship to the premium segment and even guarantees some gifts for those who decide to embark on the tests.

After the three-day period, customers will also be offered opportunities to win even bigger prizes through the company’s lottery system.

It is not the first time that Samy has done something like this in her homeland, but this time, the Korean has opened more than 200 stores across the country so that customers can rent the new flagships.

The rented Galaxy S21 will come with some pre-installed apps, such as the popular mobile game League of Legends: Wild Rift. Customers will be able to send feedback to the company about the new cell phone through a direct message via a transmission with a company representative.

Among the possible gifts are the Wireless Charger Duo Pad (which costs around US $ 60), a Galaxy Book Flex 2, Galaxy Tab S7 Plus and even vouchers for accommodation at the five star hotel The Shilla Seoul.

It would also be interesting to see this type of campaign here in Brazil, but until then, we have no official information to ensure this possibility.


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