Galaxy S21 processor could be used in notebooks


Following the trend of Apple, which recently launched the Apple Silicon M1 chip for its Macs based on ARM architecture, Samsung would be analyzing the possibility of extending its new Exynos processors, which today equip smartphones like the Galaxy S21, for use also in notebooks and desktops.

The news arrived via Twitter last Sunday (17), through an information leak called @TheGalox, which provokes: “Exynos for computers … I can’t wait!”. As is common with these tips, no details were revealed on when ARM-based chipsets would hit PC’s.

Today Exynos, which are designed by Samsung System LSI, are present in smartphones from Samsung Electronics, in addition to handsets from Vivo and Motorola.

The future of Exynos

This is not the first rumor about Exynos coming to computers. In the middle of last year, a supposed partnership between Samsung and AMD and ARM was announced for the use of the chip on Windows PCs, based on the Exynos 1000, today known as Exynos 2100, the company’s first 5 nm SoC that debuted on the Galaxy S21.

If the South Korean is planning to offer the Exynos family for computers, it will have to establish such partnerships with manufacturers, in addition to developing drivers (control software), for the different functions of the chips.

A first step was already taken by Samsung last May, when it announced that its top-of-the-line chip will integrate a Radeon GPU. The partnership can be promising, as AMD already offers its drivers for the main operating systems (including macOS and ChromeOS).


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