Galaxy S21 FE Production Allegedly Stopped


Galaxy S21 FE is allegedly discontinued. It seems almost certain that Samsung will not release the Galaxy Note 21 this year. The company is expected to introduce three phones instead of the Note 21. The Galaxy S21 FE model is expected to accompany the two phones with foldable screens. It is said that the sales of the Galaxy S21 FE may be an igniter for the Galaxy S21 series, which is said to be not going well.

However, the latest news from the Galaxy S21 FE front does not look very good. Allegedly, the South Korean company stopped the production of the smartphone due to problems in the supply of a key component.

Galaxy S21 FE has the potential to be one of the ambitious devices in the smartphone market. The Galaxy S21 FE, which does not seem to be as high-end as the standard Galaxy S21, is expected to offer powerful components such as Snapdragon 888 processor and 8 GB RAM in a plastic case.

However, according to a new report from South Korea, Samsung stopped the production of the phone due to problems in chip supply. Although the first owner of this claim removed the news of the ETNews site, it does not prevent the details from circulating on the Internet. It is alleged that Samsung has shifted its processor resources to the more expensive devices Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3.

Samsung, on the other hand, in a brief statement sent to Bloomberg on the subject, stated that the decision on the production of the Galaxy S21 FE has not been made yet. This statement confirms both the existence of the problem and the preparations for the Galaxy S21 FE. It is necessary to wait a little longer to see how the process will take shape.


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