Galaxy S21: FCC report confirms support for S Pen


The Android Authority website published today (23) a test report from the US Federal Communications Commission, confirming that Samsung’s S Pen can be used to equip the Galaxy S21 Ultra, the company’s new flagship south -Korean.

Panned among documentation from the US regulatory agency FCC, the test report for model number SMG998B appears to confirm a cryptic recent statement by Samsung’s mobile division president TM Roh that some of the Galaxy Note’s “most loved features” would reach other devices of the brand in 2021.

The FCC approval report confirms the existence of the S Pen support deposit. In addition, it is possible to read that the EUT (acronym for “equipment under test”) operates in two different modes of inductive coupling of motion detection of the S Pen: Hover and Click.

The Hover functionality allows users to hold the S Pen above the screen, without touching it, to perform various functions, such as viewing content, or displaying a pointer. Other innovations, such as wireless energy transfer (to charge devices such as the future Galaxy Bud Pro headphones), Wi-Fi 6E and UWB, the ultra-wideband, are awaited.

According to rumors, the Samsung event should take place next January 14th.

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