Galaxy S21 does not support fast Android updates


The Galaxy S21 arrived on the market bringing more power and several improvements, but ended up leaving aside an interesting function of Android. According to Android Police, the new phone line does not support rapid system updates, which happen while the device is in use.

The technology divides the system into two partitions and performs the installation with the device active. Changes are applied quickly after the device is restarted.

The novelty avoids the famous installations that take up to 20 minutes and leave the smartphone unusable during the implementation of the update. In addition, the new installation method is safer from errors that can corrupt the device’s operating system.

Despite the benefits for users, manufacturers have not yet paid as much attention to the rapid update system created by Google. The Android 11 documentation recommends that companies adopt the novelty, however, the use of the function is not mandatory.

Samsung did not explain the reasons for the absence of the feature in the Galaxy S21 line, but Neowin has a theory. According to the website, the fast updates require about 3 additional GB of cell phone storage, which are unavailable for use on the smartphone.

The Galaxy S21 line arrives on the market with devices bringing at least 128 GB of internal memory, with models reaching 512 GB. On the other hand, the devices do not have a memory card slot and the user is limited to the storage that comes with the device.


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