Galaxy S21: disassembled and improvements revealed


The Galaxy S21 was announced by Samsung during CES 2021 a few days ago and it is now reaching the hands of many members of the international press. Today we will see a video where the cell phone is completely disassembled showing its interior which is quite similar to the Galaxy S20 5G, but still carries important changes in its structure.

The video published by the PBKreviews channel shows that the Galaxy S21 is quite similar to the Galaxy S20 5G, which was dismantled shortly after its launch in February 2020.

When opening the phone we see the wireless charging plate covering most of the device. In the upper area there is the motherboard, which is accompanied by the camera sensors on the left. The upper and lower speakers are still filled with small foam spheres to improve the sound quality, which already marks a nice upgrade compared to the 2020 model.

The vibration engine has a different positioning in the new model as well, present in the upper corner of the Galaxy S21 while in the S20 it was under the lower speaker.

A nice novelty for technicians is that the flex cable that connects the screen to the motherboard can be removed this time, making repair much easier if necessary.


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