Galaxy S21 can cause users to break their microphone


Samsung announced the new Galaxy S21 family last week and with it some design changes have been noticed, in addition to the removal of the charger and headphones from the device box, which will now have to be purchased separately. However, this may not be the only reason for some users to be concerned, as a simple mistake can cause someone to break the microphone for cell phone calls.

The problem in question involves the bottom area of ​​the Galaxy S21. In the Galaxy S20, the drawer to insert the chip was in the upper area, which has changed in this new generation, now it is close to the device’s USB-C port in the lower area and, as you can see, between them is a small hole for the microphone that we use for voice calls.

According to SamMobile, this would be a risk for many people, since the chip drawer has a hole of the same size where the key must enter so that it can be ejected. If the user does not pay attention or does not correctly notice where he is placing the key, it can end up going into the wrong hole and breaking the cell phone microphone, which could be very bad even more with an expensive and new phone.

The situation is even more complicated if the user in question has any visual impairment, thus, the error would be even more likely, bringing even more difficulty to these users, after all, technology should be an instrument to facilitate people’s lives and integrate each more and more in society, regardless of their physical condition, bringing more accessibility to everyone.

Remember that the Galaxy S21 has compatibility with eSIM, so many users will not need a physical chip, avoiding this possible “trap” of the phone. Anyway, it is worth keeping an eye on and taking care not to use the ejector in the wrong hole.

If you want to know more about the Galaxy S21, we recommend that you check out the video where the phone is disassembled, showing some additional differences between it and the Galaxy S20.


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