Galaxy S21 attends Android Enterprise Recommended


And the Samsung Galaxy S21 and Xiaomi Mi 10T Lite phones are now part of the Android Enterprise Recommended program, a certification required to make models with the search giant’s operating system used by large companies as the standard corporate model.

This information is based on a report originally shared by XDA Developers, where the two models are shown as additional to the more than 150 smartphones that are already registered with the AER, guaranteeing a good number of model and manufacturer options.

For those who do not know, corporate cell phones are models that companies or commercial sectors make available to employees in order to make communication easier and safer, since it does not mix professional and personal matters, as happens when the person works in a company and does not have this type of device, something that can even facilitate data leakage.

In the past, a major supplier of this type of device was Blackberry, and later Apple. However, with the evolution achieved by Google with Android models, it was possible that several manufacturers were able to join this business support.

Currently, from the manufacturers that use the Google OS, Samsung, Xiaomi, Motorola, OnePlus, OPPO, LG and many others are part of the program. In 2020, the Galaxy Note 20, S20 and Tab S7 models had already entered the list. One of the advantages of this project is that the cell phones included in it gain up to 3 years of support for the security package released by the search giant, and other additional perks.