Galaxy S20+ gets BTS version with Galaxy Buds+

Samsung presented a special edition of the Galaxy S20 + inspired by the K-Pop band BTS. The partnership with the group also yielded a special edition of the Galaxy Buds + wireless headphones, which feature a customized design.

The Galaxy S20 + from BTS has the same specifications as the conventional version of the device, but arrives with the color “Purple Mirror”. The tone is the same as that used on the Galaxy Z Flip, one of Samsung’s foldable cell phones.

Samsung also revealed that the Galaxy S20 + BTS Edition case will feature a new look. The packaging will bring hearts and the company name in purple.

Following the standard of the cell phone, the Galaxy Buds + inspired by BTS have personalizations not only in the headphones, but also in the transport packaging. While the charging box is completely purple, the earbuds have a black body, with symbols inspired by the band and the central part in the new color.

The Galaxy S20 + BTS Edition and the special version of the Galaxy Buds + inspired by the band go on pre-sale on June 19, in selected Samsung markets. The advance purchase will be available until the 5th of next month, but the price of the products has not yet been revealed.

According to the manufacturer, the smartphone will hit stores on July 9. However, as Galaxy S20 + BTS Edition is a special edition of Samsung’s phone, the trend is that the device will be sold in a limited way.



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