Galaxy Quantum 2 introduced: here are the features

Galaxy Quantum 2 model, which we have heard of with leaks for a while, was officially introduced by Samsung. Galaxy Quantum 2, the new phone of the series with cryptography features as in the first Quantum model, reveals its difference with its internal hardware.

Samsung Galaxy Quantum 2 specifications

Galaxy Quantum 2, which has the world’s smallest quantum random number generator in 2.5 mm square and comes with a chip produced by a company called ID Quantique, allows the use of some security-requiring services more securely with this chip.

Thanks to quantum cryptography, a particular device is said to be extremely difficult to capture without physical access to it. This particular highlight is the compatibility offered by local banks such as SK Telecom, Shinhan Bank and Standard Chartered Bank Korea.

When we come to the technical details of the Galaxy Quantum 2, we first encounter the Snapdragon 855 Plus processor. The device, which has a powerful processor, has a 6.7-inch 120 Hz screen refresh rate OLED screen. Other technical details and price of the phone with a 64 Megapixel main camera have not been disclosed yet.

The Samsung Galaxy Quantum 2 will be available on April 23, in South Korea for the time being.



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