Galaxy phones will get Android update for three years


During Wednesday’s Unpacked event, 5, Samsung presented not only hardware news such as the powerful Galaxy Note 20 duo, the new Galaxy Z Fold 2 with premium design and more products for its ecosystem, but also confirmed that it will offer up to “three generations” of updates for Galaxy smartphones.

This practically confirms that the Galaxy S20 and Note 20 lines announced this year and that arrive with Android 10 should receive an update not only for Android 11, but also for the 12th and even the 13th version of Google’s mobile operating system.

Small print confirms guarantee for flagships from the Galaxy S10 line

“You tell us that you have been using your smartphones for longer,” said Federico Casalegno during the event. “We want to help them do this because it is also good for the environment. That is why we are supporting your operating system for three generations of devices.”

During the moment Casalegno makes the disclosure, the fine print in the corner of the screen confirms that “availability may vary by device and country” and, just as importantly, reveals that such updates will be supported by high-performance models from the Galaxy S10 line.

Thus, we have the revelation that not only the models of Samsung’s most powerful lines of 2020 will receive three years of update, but also the high-end models of 2019 will have the same guarantee, being updated to Android 12.

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