Galaxy Note Line production suspended


The indications that the Galaxy Note line, from Samsung, has its days numbered more and more. This time, an industry insider reported that smartphone models are currently on hold.

Since the beginning of this year, different people have been pointing to the possibility. In January, the well-known insider “Ice Universe” had posted a message on Twitter written “Galaxy Note” and an image with the words “The End”, typical of when films end.

The strongest evidence that suggests that the South Korean brand should abandon the product is the “transfer” of resources between models. The most striking transition in this regard is the support of S-Pen on models such as the recently launched Galaxy S21 Ultra and the upcoming Galaxy Z Fold 3.

The pen on the folding cell phone should mark Samsung’s position to enable its launches with the best technology they have, regardless of whether the features are exclusive to other lines.

The insistence and all the work to adapt the technology to the folding model is a harbinger that really a new market vision may be being adopted by the company.

Even with rumors growing towards the end of the Note line, Samsung has not yet officially commented on the matter.


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