Galaxy Note 20 will not have 100x Space Zoom on the S20 Ultra [rumor]


According to some rumors, the Galaxy Note 20, the next high-end smartphone that Samsung is due to launch in the third quarter of this year, will not have the much-talked about 100x Space Zoom feature that debuted on the Galaxy S20 Ultra.

The information was “confirmed” by the profile Ice Universe, on Twitter, on Monday (19). The profile is known to release some information leaks that end up becoming legitimate.

Furthermore, it seems that the zoom feature of the S20 Ultra did not excite users as much as Samsung expected. More than that, the camera of the device, in general, despite being among the best in the world, did not live up to the position of the South Korean, as the largest manufacturer of cell phones in the world. In the DxOMark ranking, for example, the smartphone was only in seventh place.

Space Zoom is cool, but that’s it
That the S20 Ultra‚Äôs 100x zoom is cool, no one disagrees. You can spend a few hours “playing” to capture scenes around the neighborhood and even “spy” (don’t do that!) The “crush” who lives in the apartment opposite yours.

However, for what you pay for the device that claimed to have the best camera in the world, Space Zoom ends up not being worthwhile as a really useful feature.

Some users have reported that a 30x zoom would be enough on a smartphone camera. More than that, if it is to have images that are not clear, it is unnecessary.

If the rumor is true, it seems that Samsung will have to “relearn” how to make smart phones that are relevant to the market. Even more so after a pandemic that has affected the economy of most countries in the world.


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