Galaxy Note 20 Ultra vs iPhone 11 Pro Max


With the Galaxy Note 20 line, Samsung returned to invest heavily in high technology, returning to position its main smartphone among the most desired in the world, not only for the exclusive features of the S Pen, but also in relation to cutting-edge hardware. The following video shows how the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra fared in the crash test against its main rival, the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

When the iPhone 11 line was launched last year, Apple debuted a new technology in the glass that covers the chassis of its smartphones, which provided more durability compared to the devices of the previous generation.

This year, it was Samsung’s turn to deploy the Gorilla Glass Victus on the Galaxy Note 20, which the company claims to be 25% more resistant to drops and 50% more resistant to scratches, compared to Gorilla Glass 6.

The drop test, carried out by the PhoneBuff channel, left no doubt about which smartphone is the most resistant.

The results

The test was carried out in 3 steps, involving three different angles, a concrete surface and a height of one meter.

In the first case, smartphones fell with the back. While the Note 20 Ultra was slightly damaged in one corner, the back of the iPhone 11 Pro Max was completely shattered.

In the second stage, smartphones fell off the corners, and both did very well, with minimal damage and no crack on the screen.

In the third stage, cell phones fell with the screen facing down. This time, the Note suffered no damage, while the iPhone was almost completely destroyed.

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Extra test

In the extra test, the devices fell flat on a steel surface, from a height of 1.45 meters. After 10 drops in these conditions, the Note 20 Ultra was still intact, but the Phone 11 Pro Max was all damaged, and its cameras stopped working.


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