Galaxy Note 20 Ultra: new version of SmartThings


Even more intelligence is coming for Galaxy Note 20 Ultra users with the new version of SmartThings, Samsung’s connected device management app for mobile phones. The new version number is coming through Google Play and for now it is not available in the Galaxy Store, so be sure to look in the correct store, now for the news.

The new version of the application brings a refined interface, new tools for automation of activities, more possibilities for using QR codes, easier accessibility. However, it is worth remembering that some of them will be available only for the latest top of the line from South Korea: the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.

Among the exclusive functions are the location of accessories using augmented reality by the application, which can also do the same for connected vehicles thanks to its radio transmitter refined ultra-wide waves (UWB) and fast sharing of encryption keys, technologies that only are present in the latest Samsung releases.

An example of use is the SmartThings Tracker, which allows you to find objects such as keys, backpacks and whatever else you attach to it using a 4G connection.

Other additions include conditions involving the weather so that certain actions are performed automatically, such as playing music or changing the lighting whenever it rains, and actions based on locations, such as sending notices to your home if you are late due to a meeting, for example. example, so other residents will receive a notice on the connected devices to let them know what happened.

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For now this function only supports up to 3 locations in Linked Places to send and receive notices, the functionality being really limited by the number of registered Galaxy devices, so this seems to be a bug that should be fixed soon.



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