Galaxy Note 20 S Pen will be sold separately for $ 40


Samsung launched the Galaxy Note 20 line a few weeks ago, which brings several important differentials for the new generation of phablets, as well as offering the application of several novelties in the S Pen, which is the smart pen developed with full compatibility for the Note 20 models. and Note 20 Ultra.

Because it is a fundamental accessory in the use of the cell phone, the smart pen ends up being an indispensable item in several situations, since the total productivity of the device is only achieved when the equipment is working together with the smartphone, which already comes with one by default at the time of purchase.

However, continuous use and in different environments can be a negative point, as it makes the S Pen more prone to damage and loss, making the user limited in case of not finding or simply the device not being repaired, something that is clear , especially taking into account the fact that it was developed to have high durability with those who have a more responsible use.

But, mistakes in the workflow of each one is different and this made Samsung choose to make the S Pen available for purchase separately on the official website of the company for the suggested value of US $ 40 (~ R $ 225), a price within the expected for the technologies it has, as well as the fact that the South Korean has this average price for other additional accessories, such as AKG headphones.

This provides additional security for users, who will not need to be dependent on pens from other manufacturers that do not have the same precision and technologies embedded in the official Samsung model. The additional S Pen can be purchased in Black, Green, White, Copper and Gray.


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