Galaxy Note 20 models may lose a feature


The number of users waiting for Samsung Galaxy Note 20 camera features is increasing day by day. A significant change may occur at the next stop of the South Korean technology company. What awaits the Galaxy Note 20 family?

Upsetting claim for Galaxy Note 20 camera features
The Galaxy Note 20 family, which attracts attention with its 108 Megapixel camera, unfortunately may not show the expected performance in this regard. “Ice Universe”, a reliable source of claims, stated that a feature in the Galaxy S20 Ultra will not be included in this series.

According to the information he received, the Galaxy Note 20 series will not have 100x “Space Zoom” feature. This feature provides the opportunity to both digital zoom and optical zoom.

The fact that the 100x zoom, which is one of the features defining the Galaxy S20 Ultra, is not included in the Galaxy Note 20 family can upset many people. If the claimant’s words are correct, we can say that Samsung is working on a more unpretentious telephoto camera.

It is unclear whether the South Korean company will make a change to the periscope lens or the high-resolution sensor on behalf of the Galaxy Note 20 family. The S20 Ultra is able to zoom 3.5x optical and takes advantage of a sensor with a resolution of 48 Megapixels.

“Ice Universe” said about the Galaxy Note 20 Plus: “The Galaxy Note 20 Plus will continue to use the image sensor named ISOCELL Bright HM1, which is 108 Megapixels, but a new sensor will be added to assist it to focus and completely solve its focusing problem.”

The 108 Megapixel camera used in the S20 Ultra will also be used in the Galaxy Note 20 Plus. The auto focus problem experienced by S20 Ultra users will also be solved. Apart from these, the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra model will not come.


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