Galaxy Note 20 FE signal from Samsung!


There was a development that pleased millions of users waiting for the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 FE. The models released with the abbreviation FE, which stands for Fan Edition, are popular with users.

We recently encountered the Galaxy S20 FE, and then we started to hear various rumors about the Galaxy S21 series. The first representative of this trend, launched by the South Korean company in 2017 on its behalf, is the Galaxy Note 7 Fan Edition.

First signal for Samsung Galaxy Note 20 FE

Saying that it will focus on the FE series at the event called UNPACKED 2020, Samsung will produce a smartphone with at least 1 FE jewelry every year. At this point, many people think of the Galaxy Note 20 series.

The name of the Galaxy Note 20 FE was mentioned on the page prepared by Samsung for Brazil. There are two pieces of information published here. In the first statement, the screen size of the Galaxy Note 20 FE was announced as 6.5 inches (when measured from one corner to another – in rectangular form).

The other explanation after this statement is quite interesting. In the same article, it was stated that considering the rounded corners and camera hole of this model, the screen size changed: 6.3 inches.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 FE

Another information we have is that this Samsung signed product will have 3x optical zoom and 76 millimeters focal length. The Galaxy Note 20 FE, whose name is mentioned on the Galaxy S20 FE’s page, is claimed to have a camera mode called “Night Mode”.

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Some people think that such a model will not come and this statement was published by mistake. Samsung has not yet made a statement about this issue. Are you also among those waiting for Galaxy Note 20 FE?


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