Galaxy Note 20 expands integration with Windows 10


In addition to offering three months of Game Pass, the partnership between Microsoft and Samsung is yielding other fruits. That’s because the Galaxy Note 20 family now gains even more integration with Windows 10.

According to Samsung, the devices will soon be able to run their applications on the PC screen through “Link to Windows” and “Your Phone”. The connection will work in a simple and easy way, with the user just having to touch the shortcut icon for the applications to be projected on the PC screen:

When connecting with the notebook, Windows 10 will open Your Phone to list all applications available for use. After that, the user only needs to open the app as if it were part of the PC. You can even create shortcuts for your phone’s taskbar apps.

Microsoft explains that each application will open a different window, and at the moment the feature only allows you to run one app at a time:

Functionality is still limited to one application at a time. If you start WhatsApp, you will not be able to open Samsumg Members until you close the first one. This is only temporary.
The Redmond giant guarantees that it will soon be possible to open several applications at the same time. That’s because the intention is to improve multitasking and increase the productivity of those who use the smartphone as a means of work.

However, what is not yet clear is whether the new feature will be rolled out to other Galaxy devices. So far, Samsung has not commented on the matter.

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