Galaxy M51’s brother: Galaxy M42! Here is the battery


A smartphone called Samsung Galaxy M42 appeared before users with its features and design. With the Galaxy M51, the new model of the South Korean company, which distinguishes itself from its competitors, seems to be talked about thanks to its battery.

Focusing on the M series, Samsung will produce 4 phones for this series for now. One of these phones is the Galaxy M02, which is described as a lower segment smartphone and is preparing to take its place on the shelves. Other than the Galaxy M51, the other two models are Galaxy M12 and Galaxy M62.

Samsung Galaxy M42 with some features

This model, which was detected in the database of a company named 3C, operating as a certification body in China, was approved by DEKRE and BIS with the label “EB-BM425ABY”. In this context, we can say that Galaxy M42 will be sold in India and Germany.

It is not yet known in which other countries it will be sold, but in the light of past experiences, we can guess that countries in Europe and Asia will meet M42. In addition, the US and Canadian duo may want to give a chance to the Samsung signed M42.

Samsung Galaxy M42

On the back of this product, there will be a main camera with a resolution unit of 64 Megapixels. In addition, the software of Galaxy M42, which is said to be equipped with 128 GB of storage, is still under development.

Finally, this device will have a 5,830 mAh battery. Note that this value will be rounded to 6,000 mAh. In short, the battery capacity of the Samsung Galaxy M42 will be smaller with a difference of 1000 mAh from the battery capacity of the Galaxy M51.

It has been claimed that the Samsung Galaxy M42 will be available later this year. We know very little about him for now. What features do you think will be on this phone? We are waiting your comments.


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