Galaxy Gear: Samsung’s First Watch Loses Android Support


Galaxy Gear: Samsung announced this Monday (5) the end of support for apps, security updates and news in the digital store via Android of its first smartwatch: the original Galaxy Gear, released in 2014.

Eight years after the announcement, the model can still be used if consumers upgrade the device to Tizen, Samsung’s proprietary platform. With this, it will still be possible to download apps from the original Galaxy Store. Still, the product is still on the verge of becoming obsolete, but at least it has some support.

Remember that if you update, data and applications will be erased with the change of system — that is, save any files that are only present on the device. In addition, the change is final, with no chance of returning to the Android platform.

step forward

The announcement is surprising given the duration of the support provided by the South Korean to an eight-year-old smart watch. And it makes sense for this change to happen now: as announced at MWC 2021, Samsung will now migrate from platform to Google’s Wear OS.


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