Galaxy Buds Pro Would Have Caused Ear Inflammation In Tsers

Galaxy Buds Pro: South Korean users of Galaxy Buds Pro are claiming that Samsung’s wireless headphones are causing ear inflammation. According to the CCTV News report, a group of consumers in China had also reported the same problem.

According to the information, people describe symptoms such as pus and scabs after using the gadget. In other cases, some users mention the appearance of bubbles at the entrance to the ear canal.

Experts believe the cases are related to the Galaxy Buds Pro’s noise-canceling structure. The manufacturer designed the protectors to be larger, but the large design may end up stimulating the skin of the ear canal.

On the other hand, some users point out that the inflammations may have been caused by allergies to the materials of the headset. For example, the ear-fitting part uses an acrylate material, while the stainless steel part is made of nickel.

This information is in the list of components that are part of the Galaxy Buds Pro, available on Samsung’s official website. Therefore, the recommendation is that the consumer should avoid the model if he is allergic to any of these materials.



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