Galaxy Buds Pro: what changes about Buds Live?


The Galaxy Buds, wireless headphones from Samsung, have been on the market for some time and are synonymous with quality and modernity. There are 4 models available: Galaxy Buds, Galaxy Buds Plus, Galaxy Live and the latest, Galaxy Buds Pro.

Currently, the Galaxy Buds Live model has gained prominence among its “brothers”, for its more modern design and features. But with the arrival of Buds Pro, some features have been improved, and comparison is inevitable. In this article, we reviewed Galaxy Buds Pro and compared it to its predecessor, Buds Live. Check out.


With silicone contours, Galaxy Buds Pro fits well to the ear, more comfortably and softly. This also ensures improvement in the noise canceling function. Being lighter than its predecessor, the new Bluetooth headset from Samsung adapts better to your movements in everyday activities, without danger of falling from the ear.

The Galaxy Buds Live, with its unique and modern design, has its comfort related to the different shape that fits the ears, and can provide a feeling of little external isolation.


The two models are different in terms of design, although they have the same protection against splashes and sweat. The Galaxy Buds Pro brings back the traditional style of Samsung in-ear headphones, allowing also improvement in performance.

Galaxy Buds Live, which became popular due to the proposal of being in the shape of a bean, is more ergonomic, but ends up losing a little effectiveness in the noise isolation function.

Regarding the colors, the Pro comes in violet, silver and black versions. Live, in turn, has black, white and bronze versions.

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Sound and functions

The Galaxy Buds Pro drivers are divided into a woofer and a tweeter in each headset, in search of quality audio and cleaner than that of its predecessor. The model has two dual speakers, customized to offer a more immersive and immersive sound experience.

Both headphones have a noise canceling function, and in Buds Pro the cancellation is a little more intelligent and with a greater capacity to filter the intensity of undesirable sounds, in addition to allowing adjustment of the noise elimination level of the environment. .

Both models have touch controls and voice controls, which makes it easier to use the device, such as playing or pausing a song and changing the volume. Another important detail is that the three Buds Live microphones are also present in Buds Pro, making it possible to talk on calls in a clean and clear way.

New in relation to its predecessor, Buds Pro has 360ยบ audio, which is available for the new Samsung Galaxy S21 Smartphones, and the Ambient Mode function, which is activated when the phone hears your voice, allowing you to chat with someone without taking the headphones off.

There is also another new feature called Auto Switch, which allows you to easily connect Galaxy Buds Pro to Samsung devices, such as cell phones and tablets, or to a Windows 10 computer.

Finally, with the SmartThings app it is possible to make the headphones emit a sound to be found, in case you forget where you left your headphones.


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