Galaxy Buds Pro: Samsung releases update with function


Samsung announced the new Galaxy Buds Pro just 4 days ago and a new update is already coming for its wireless headphones with more functions and improvements. Check now everything that is changing with this new firmware version for Samsung wireless headphones that is already being distributed globally.

The new version loads the firmware with the code R190XXU0AUA1 that weighs approximately 2.2MB and brings a new functionality: the option to adjust the sound balance between the left and right headphones, which certainly can be useful for those who have some sound deficiency or prefer use only one of them at a time.

This update also brings some improvements, such as a shorter response time when triggering Bixby through the headphones and the transparency mode, which allows you to hear external sounds while listening to your favorite music.

Above you can see the complete list of changes that is presented in the application.

It’s great to see that Samsung is not saving time to send new features to Galaxy Buds Pro, showing that it wants to provide the best possible experience for those who purchase their wireless headphones, after all for the price of $ 199 the ideal is that the best possible experience is found.


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