Galaxy Book Pro: Ultra-Thin Design Presents Trackpad Problems


Galaxy Book Pro: Presented at the end of last April, the Galaxy Book Pro presents excellent features in a light body and stands out for the presence of a beautiful OLED screen – the same technology present in the Galaxy S21 Ultra. Unfortunately, however, its ultra-thin design also appears to be responsible for its biggest problem: the excessive flexibility of its chassis.

The Galaxy Book Pro has a body that weighs just 1.15 kg, with its front in a metallic finish and its back entirely in plastic. Due to the innate properties of the material, the chassis is expected to have more flexibility than that found in a body made of metal. In this case, however, this feature causes direct interference with the device’s trackpad operation.

Thanks to the combination of its ultra-thin design, the use of plastic on the chassis and the hand rest, it is possible to “click” with the Galaxy Book Pro trackpad, forcing your region at the rear. To make matters worse, holding the device in one hand can “twist” your body, causing unwanted clicks on the trackpad – which can also be heard without difficulty. Check out a tweet from FrontTron about the effect:

The problem is not new and has already been commented on by professionals in the field, such as the YouTube channel ShortCircuit, which specializes in analyzing devices such as the Galaxy Book Pro. At the time, the team had evaluated a test unit that already had excessive flexibility. However, the failure persisted until the final product, as shown in the FrontTron tweet.

Interestingly, both the trackpad and keyboard were reasons for praise in the Galaxy Book Pro, showing that the problem may actually be caused by the ultra-thin design or, at least, by the choice of materials. So far, Samsung has not commented on the case.


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