Galaxy Book Fold 17 appeared!


While Samsung is a big player in the foldable phone market, it also likes to use this term in the laptops it has been producing for a while. Recently, a device called Galaxy Book Fold 17 was said to be coming. Images shared by the famous analyst show this device in blood.

Galaxy Book Fold 17 looks pretty futuristic

After a Twitter user shared the name of the device, the launch images of the device came from the famous analyst Ben Geskin in response. The device, which looks extremely futuristic, has gathered almost all the designs that we find attractive.

The angular design, on-screen keyboard, foldability and under-screen camera features clearly show that the device is a top segment player. Along with these nice features, unfortunately we don’t know the technical specifications yet. The laptop, which will have a 17-inch screen size, will be a great boon for business and design as well as daily use.

The fact that OLED technology will be used on the 17-inch screen is another pleasing detail. Although it is costly to produce, this technology, which offers realistic colors, will be used for the Galaxy Book Fold 17 according to the leaked images.

Although these are the first leaked images about the device, they reveal quite a lot of design details. We hope that the leaks that will come in the coming days are related to the technical specifications. What do you guys think about this possible design of the device?


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