Galaxy A72 4G undergoes benchmark test


In addition to anticipating the launch of the Galaxy S21 family, Samsung also wants to start next year by announcing a series of new intermediary smartphones. This is the case of the Galaxy A72, which should have 4G and 5G variants.

In the last week we saw that the device should reach the consumer with four rear cameras and good prices. Now, while Samsung remains completely silent on the matter, the Galaxy A72 4G has undergone benchmark testing.

According to the well-known Geekbench, the new intermediary will be announced with Snapdragon 720G processor. That is, the same that will be used in the supposed Galaxy A52 4G. See below all the details published by the platform

The set also has 8 GB of RAM and Android 11, with 549 points in the single-core test and 1637 in the multi-core test. For now, the other specifications of the Galaxy A72 4G still remain confidential.

Anyway, taking into account all the leaks published so far, we can say that this will be a good intermediate smartphone. Check out the possible prices below:

€ 450 (~ R $ 2,862)
€ 550 (~ R $ 3,498)

It should be noted that Samsung has not yet officially commented on the launch of this device. Therefore, we emphasize that you should consider everything as just another market rumor.


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