Galaxy A01 x A10s: what are the main differences?


One of the most popular brands in the Smartphones category is Samsung. The South Korean brand offers several devices, from entry-level models, for basic users, to premium models, for those looking for an advanced phone.

Among its most popular entry-level models are the Samsung Galaxy A01 and Samsung Galaxy A10s. And in this article we made an analysis of the two devices, considering their features and prices, to help in choosing and facilitating when deciding which cell phone to buy.

Smartphone Samsung Galaxy A01


With reasonable performance, thanks to the Snapdragon 439 processor and 2 GB of RAM, the Samsung A01 is one of the most basic of the brand. It is suitable for consumers who want conventional use, without very heavy applications or games.

During downloads, the Galaxy A01 also loses some of its speed and lacks performance. It is one of the main reasons for having the lowest value and being considered a less advanced Smartphone.

Screen and sound

Its LCD screen has a little low brightness, which can bother some consumers, although it has a median size of 5.7 inches and is HD +. The sound output, which is found at the rear of the device, is not very powerful, and loses some quality when the volume is at maximum.


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