Galaxy A01: how to put chip and memory card


The Galaxy A01 (Samsung) supports two carrier chips and a memory card. The entries are embedded in the cell phone body and, to access them, the user will need the ejection tool that comes in the box. It is also possible to use some thin, pointed object, such as a paper clip. However, it is important to observe the position of each component so that everything fits correctly and does not damage the phone. Check below how to put the nano SIM and microSD card.

Samsung launched the Galaxy A01 in April 2020 for the suggested price of R $ 1,099, but currently the smartphone can be found for values ​​in the range of R $ 759, a discount of R $ 350.

Step 1. Insert the eject tool into the hole located at the top of the right side of the device and apply a little force. The tray will pop up and you can remove it with your fingers.

Step 2. Place the cards in the tray. The first space, which is larger, is the location of the memory card. Beside, it is possible to insert up to two operator chips in nano SIM format. It is important to position it correctly so that everything fits perfectly without damaging the device.

Step 3. Finally, just place the tray back in the slot and squeeze until it enters completely. Note that the metal part of the chips and the memory card must be facing down.

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