Gaga angry Trump attends closing of Biden’s campaign


The famous singer Lady Gaga appeared at the closing of the campaign of the American candidate Joe Biden and has angered Donald Trump for this reason.

Lady Gaga is the famous American singer who has recently made an impact for representing herself at the closing of the campaign of the American candidate Joe Biden, where she has angered Donald Trump for this reason.

It turns out that the beautiful singer Lady Gaga appeared at the closing of Joe Biden’s campaign, which took place in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to support him, this after the also actress and Trump exchanged attacks, darts and reproaches on Twitter with fracking ( hydraulic fracturing for the extraction of hydrocarbons) as a background.

The Bad Romance interpreter at the beginning of her participation said the following: If they are here it is because they probably believe in Joe Biden. He is the right choice against Donald Trump. You do not need me to tell you the reason because, like me, you have experienced it in the last 4 years and have all the evidence to see the elections and know.

As if that weren’t enough, the exotic singer raised awareness why many should vote for Joe Biden: Go to the polls tomorrow; it’s going to be critical, so go early, as early as you can, pack food, bundle up, pack everything you need whether you will be standing or sitting, charge your phone.

“It is time for action; time to gather our energies, every ounce of hope, optimism, enthusiasm.”

Lady Gaga’s lawsuit on Twitter

Remember that Trump took advantage of the days leading up to the elections to attack Lady Gaga and the Democrats using fracking as an excuse: Nothing shows Joe Biden’s disdain for the forgotten working men and women of Pennsylvania better than campaigning with the anti-activist. -fracking Lady Gaga.

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For her part, Lady Gaga, who has 82.3 million followers on Twitter, replied with irony late on Sunday: Hello, Tim, Hello, Trump. So happy to be living for free in their heads:


Donald Trump, did not remain silent, as he insisted on Monday in his reproaches to Lady Gaga: I just learned that the sleepy Joe Biden is campaigning in Pennsylvania with Lady Gaga, a proud member of Artists Against Fracking. This is further proof that Biden will ban fracking.

It should be noted that the origin of these darts by Trump against Lady Gaga is that the actress and singer was part of an initiative in 2012 by Yoko Ono, who organized more than a hundred artists in an online campaign against fracking.


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