Gael García Bernal in the new movie of Night Shyamalan


The new film by M. Night Shyamalan, made by Universal Pictures, has just won a protagonist: the Mexican Gael García Bernal (Viva: Life is a Party and Motorcycle Diaries). He will join Ken Leung, Nikki Amuka-Bird and Abbey Lee, confirmed last month.

So far, the project does not have an announced title, nor details about the plot, as well as the name of Bernal’s character. This will also be the first time that a film by the servant filmmaker will have a Latin protagonist.

In addition to directing, Shyamalan signs the script and produces the feature, as well as being the main financier. He thus hopes to repeat the same success of The Visit, Fragmented and Glass, which had a budget of approximately US $ 35 million and raised US $ 600 million at the worldwide box office. In December 2019, the director talked about funding his own films.

“I love this approach, where they [the funding] are minimal, contained, I am responsible, we take great risks and try to achieve this mix of dark humor, with some complicated problems” explained Shyamalan. “I feel that I am being a good partner for my distributors. I like that because it allows me to work very quickly in the elaboration of these stories, so that these films follow this approach and process architecture. Even if I’m kidding myself and being more daring, it’s working because when I think of these three films – all weird and dark – I think they talk to each other ”.

So far, there is no deadline for the start of production – which was postponed due to the pandemic of the new coronavirus -, however, the recordings are expected to start until October 2020. As for the launch, Universal plans to place the film in movie theaters on July 23, 2021.


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