GAC’s Jen Lilly and others supported Candice Cameron Bure after she and Jojo Siwa met over “The Rudest Celebrity” comments


The saga continues between the star of “Full House” Candice Cameron Bure and Jojo Siva from “Dancing Moms”. The latter has become extremely popular on social media in recent years, with viral TikTok recently revealing that she considers Bure to be the “rudest celebrity” she has ever met. However, apparently she didn’t think the video would go viral, as she and Bure got in touch after the incident, and the older actress explained the backstory of the video. Now she has also received support from her new GAC Family colleagues, including Jen Lilly, as well as a host of other celebrities.

Candice Cameron Bure’s brand new GAC family has been supportive in the past, and after she shared her point of view on this TikTok story, Jen Lilly was one of the first women to reach out just by telling her online friend: “I love you.” Her former Hallmark co-star Alexa PenaVega also called her a “cool actress.”

Hallmark’s Jill Wagner, who recently announced her own Christmas movie at GAC Family, also spoke about how glad she was that the two former “Dancing with the Stars” contestants had the opportunity to talk.

You all love Candice Cameron Bure. No one is perfect, and being limited to one moment in life is never fair. I’m glad you guys talked and everything is fine.

Those who know the actress very well also came to her defense. Fitness instructor Bure Kira Stokes, who is often the author of frequent training videos of the star, also said nothing but kind words to her client.

ALWAYS a cool thing to do, my friend. And the kindest. None of these facts can and should be discussed.

And Bob Saget’s wife Kelly Rizzo also expressed her opinion with a lighthearted joke that also makes it clear that she doesn’t think Bure is even remotely mean. Of course, it is worth noting that Bure was a supporter of preserving Saget’s legacy after his tragic death earlier this year. She even created hoodies in memory of Bob Saget and in aid of the Scleroderma Research Foundation, which he defended during his lifetime.

Ha ha, Candice! Why are you so angry!?!? (you are the best in the world… so crazy that you even had to spill all the tea.. if that’s what kids say these days)

Other celebrities seemed to personally identify with this story, which is a classic case where the story spreads online in the form of a fragment without any nuances. Tori Spelling called Bure “her totem animal” before explaining:

You’re officially my totem animal! So eloquently said. I’m sitting crying, watching this video. The rings are sooo real. You really inspire! Love you. Ho

Most people know perfectly well that sometimes things are not what they seem on the Internet, but usually this does not prevent such stories from spreading as viral. In this case, Candace Cameron Bure said she contacted Jojo Siva after the video went viral. Siwa said she didn’t think it would be a “big deal,” but Bure declared herself and noted that “it was a big deal.”

They got to talking, and the young personality admitted on social media that once, when she was a child on the red carpet at the premiere of Fuller House, she felt that Bure was not kind to her. Now that she’s been on the red carpet as an adult, Jojo Siwa allegedly understands how busy she can be. However, it still stood out as the crudest case of her being treated on the red carpet, which triggered TikTok, which went viral.

It was difficult to explain the viral TikTok, which lasts a total of six seconds, but it looks like two stars are on the same page right now. Also, even if Candice Cameron Bure made a lasting impression on Siva in a not very good way, it seems obvious that she did the opposite for many other people involved in her life.


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