Gabriela Barragan from Under Deck Sailing Yacht confirms that she and Wes O’Dell are dating, and admires the “kind, patient and loving” guy


All aboard the boat of love! The star of “Under the deck of a sailing yacht” Gabriela Barragan confirmed that she and the graduate of the 9th season of “Under the Deck” Wes O’Dell are in a relationship.

“Wes and I are dating. We’ve been dating for a couple of months now,” 34—year-old Barragan said on the “Gangplank Report” podcast on Tuesday, April 26.

She continued: “It was very nice. They wear bangle bracelets like this on St. Thomas. It has something like a small horseshoe or hook on it. And if it is facing outward, it means that you are open. And if he’s looking the other way, then you’ve been taken. So when he gave me the bracelet, he put it on me with a horseshoe, that is, closed. And I looked at him like, “Oh!” And he was like, “Yes.” I’m like, “Oh, that’s so cute.”

The Caribbean Hook bracelet was a gift that reinforced their status as a girl and a guy, and the former second stewardess said she had never been in such a relationship before.

“Going back to surrounding myself with good people, I don’t think I had a guy as kind, patient and loving as Wes,” she explained. “So this is new to me because obviously you guys see how chaotic I am and how stressed I am. So, being in a normal, healthy relationship, I’m probably uncomfortable in everyday life.”

Deck also spoke about a previous relationship that left her traumatized long before she and the Florida native met. “I was actually in an abusive relationship. After that, I had to undergo therapy because my ex was a socio-narcissist and completely brainwashed me,” she said.

Although her traumatic experience happened before she joined the show, Sailing Yacht fans saw Barragan in a far from perfect on-screen romance. The San Diego native dated his first assistant Gary King and even got into a love triangle with Ashley Marty. However, after leaving Parsifal III, she found a more serious relationship.

While her yacht drama began airing on Bravo late last year, Barragan was already working on a sailboat with O’Dell.

“I’m the first mate on Wes’s boat,” she told the Showbiz Cheat Sheet in December 2021. — He teaches me everything about sailing. And it’s hard. I’m so tired. I feel like such a weakling [laughs]. It’s physical labor to be in the sun and salty air all day, every day, learning a lot.”

In addition to starting an affair, O’Dell continues to support his girlfriend in her career.

“He’s working with me, and I can’t appreciate it anymore,” Barragan said in a podcast on Tuesday. “Not only about the show, but also about the promotion of my career. He’s super for getting me a captain’s license. He teaches me everything he knows, and he is very well versed in sailing. It’s crazy, and I just haven’t felt this kind of support from a partner in years. So it’s new to me, but I like it. He’s hot! So hot.”