Gabriel Iglesias Boldly Predicts That There Will Be “no More Saturday Night Live”


Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias is no stranger to creating comedy sketches. The hugely successful stand-up comedian spent some time on Nickelodeon’s All That channel when he was in his early twenties, long before he sold out stadiums across the country. One of his colleagues in the film “All This”, Kenan Thompson, went the way of his improvisational career to the major leagues, and later became the longest-serving cast member of “Saturday Night Live.” When I asked Iglesias if he had ever considered this path, he admitted that he would be interested, but also boldly predicted that the iconic NBC show might be coming to an end.

I met with Gabriel Iglesias to talk about his new Netflix special “Fluffy Stadium” (opens in new tab). Given that he produces such high-profile stand-up shows, I assumed that maybe he has the potential to one day become an SNL host. It was then that he said the following:

Oh, this show will be over in a few weeks, trust me. SNL won’t exist much longer. And I don’t think I’ll get that call. And I’m not trying to start “hey, let’s invite Fluffy over” because it’s more forced than anything else. I’m fine with that, I’ll be fine.

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So Gabriel Iglesias is not necessarily opposed to the idea of hosting the show, and certainly he did not have any ill-will or negative feelings about the show. However, from a logistical point of view, he seems to think that the show will not exist for long.

It seems that comedians can’t help but share their hot views when it comes to the Saturday Night Live show. Whether it’s Rob Schneider declaring the show is “over” or Chevy Chase describing how it drives him crazy, the show is never far from criticism. Fans are also notorious for making digs towards SNL, often comparing it to its heyday, whenever they thought it was. Iglesias’ associate, All That graduate Kenan Thompson, on the other hand, retains his positive attitude and still manages to enjoy every new season of SNL, even after almost 20 years. S, the magic is not lost on everyone.

In fact, Iglesias couldn’t help but notice it either, as he admitted that it was his ambition at the beginning of his career.:

I really had fun on All That, which is basically a minor league for SNL. I’ve Always Wanted To Be Able to audition for SNL… I think it would have been something I was passionate about, but now I think that ship has sailed away. But it was fun, it was cool to do it. I’ve had other opportunities to do small sketches here and there, but yes, I’d be interested in that.

Despite the fact that Gabriel Iglesias never managed to get into SNL, he still crushes it. The comic strip “Fluffy Stadium” filled Dodgers Stadium for the first time in the history of comedy. While Netflix may have criticized his show “Mr. Iglesias,” there doesn’t seem to be any bad blood, as a new special has just debuted on the platform! Go and watch “Fluffy Stadium” on Netflix right now, and if you don’t like stand-up, don’t worry, as many more Netflix movies and TV shows will be released before the end of the year.


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