Gabe Newell says Xbox Series X “is better” than PS5


The co-founder and leader of Valve, the company that owns Steam, opts for the Microsoft machine. Every new generation brings with it an obligatory question: What is the best console? This question can be analyzed from different points of view, since on the one hand is the hardware, on the other its performance and then there are the services and many other factors, not to mention video games, the cornerstone of any device that is good for playing. Gabe Newell, co-founder and CEO of Valve, has been asked the same question.

Your answer? He has not doubted: Xbox Series X.

Newell, who has been in New Zealand since March because the coronavirus caught him there, is organizing a charity concert, which is why he has been invited to a television program in that country. It is there where he has expressed his opinion regarding the consoles. After opting for the Microsoft machine to the detriment of PlayStation 5, he was asked for the reasons: “Because it is better”, he limited himself to saying. “No one has given me a candle at this funeral. Obviously, we carry out almost all of our development on PC, but between the two I would definitely go to Xbox ”

Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5, later this year

The days are consumed in the calendar and the launch date of the new generation consoles is getting closer. We know they will go on sale in late 2020, but none of the companies has definitively uncovered their cards. Therefore, important questions, such as the date or the price of the systems, remain to be disclosed. In the recent presentations, the focus has been on video games, although Sony finally showed the appearance of its expected PS5.

Many of the games developed by Xbox Game Studios are published on Steam. PlayStation, however, has only released Horizon Zero Dawn on that platform, which will arrive on August 7. At the moment, no other exclusive has been released on Steam.


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