Gabby’s Bachelorette Party Faces Tough Rejection in New Review


In an exclusive excerpt from the 3rd episode of the 19th season of the TV series “The Bachelor”, everything changes when Gabby Windy becomes a target for sharp rejections. Gabby was a fan favorite in season 26 of “The Bachelor” directed by Clayton Echard along with pilot Rachel Recchia. When Gabby and Rachel were announced as the main characters of the 19th season of the Bachelorette Party, fans were delighted, but also confused. During the season premiere, Gabby and Rachel met all 32 men together, and later each presented their first impression rose. In the second week, the women begin to invent their own love stories, as each of them went on separate one-on-one dates.

During the first group dates and one-on-one dates of the season, it was obvious that, unlike Gabby, Rachel had no luck with men. On a one-on-one date with racing driver Jordan Vandergriff, Rachel struggled when she didn’t feel connected to him, resulting in her sending him home. The next day, Rachel watched with bittersweet emotions as romantic sparks flew between Gabby and Nate Mitchell during their one-on-one meeting. Rachel also struggled during the group date after-party when several men confessed to Rachel that they were only there because of Gabby. Rachel admitted that she was worried that none of the men were interested in her.

While Rachel’s Bachelorette party didn’t have the best time during Week 2, a clip released by Entertainment Weekly shows that Gabby will instead face a setback in Week 3. The clip begins with Rachel talking to several men at a cocktail party, where it is clear that she is in a much better mood. She tells the cameras she’s having a great time and hopes Gabby is too. The clip then switches to Gabby, who sits down next to Hayden Markowitz. Hayden tells Gabby that he only wanted to talk to her to let her know that he was only there for Rachel, and then proceeds to tell her that she’s too “rude for him.”

Hayden isn’t the only one who rejected Gabby’s bachelor that night, as Jake Rapini keeps telling Gabby something similar. He starts by admitting that he and Gabby didn’t have the connection he hoped for, even though Jake was one of Gabby’s favorite conversations on the first night. Jake goes on to explain that if Gabby was the only bachelor, he wouldn’t be able to convince himself to stay for her. Gabby doesn’t like any of the conversations, and she shouts to the cameras that the conversations “confirmed all her fears.”

Although fans of “Bachelor Nation” adore both Gabby and Rachel, many did not agree that both women should share the season with the same set of men, fearing that something similar would happen and harm both women. Some fans thought Gabby and Rachel should have had their own season, as did Katie Thurston and Michelle Young after both women from Matt James’ season were announced as the next hosts. Although Gabby and Rachel certainly have a special bond that Katie and Michelle didn’t have, fans nevertheless believe that both women deserve their own season. As season 19 of the Bachelorette Party continues, fans hope that both Gabby and Rachel will be able to find their soulmate.