((G) IDLE Minnie Net Worth 2023: Did You Know That Idol Belongs to The High Society of Thailand?


After the success of “TOMBOY” and “Nxde”, what is Minnie’s net worth (G)I-DLE now? Keep reading the article to find out how much money the idol earns, as well as her marital status!

(G) I-DLE Minnie Net Worth 2023

As of January 2023 (G)I-DLE, Minnie has accumulated a net worth of $4 to $5 million.

Most of Minnie’s money comes from the net profit of (G)I-DLE, which reaches $1.4 million.

In the group, she is not only a singer, but also a songwriter, composer, producer and singer of OST, where she receives royalties.

In addition, she is also a sought-after advertising model and muse of numerous fashion and cosmetics brands, including MAC, 3CE, Gucci, MiuMiu, Louis Vuitton, Adidas and others.

Currently, she boasts a huge number of followers on Instagram, almost reaching 5 million.

In addition to becoming an idol, Minnie is also expanding her career as an actress, receiving recognition for her acting abilities in her debut sitcom “So It’s Not Worth It.”

“Princess Yontararak”: This is how (G)I-DLE Minnie becomes a member of Thailand’s high society

Although Minnie earns her fortune independently as an idol, songwriter, actress, etc., her family background will never be surprising.

While many K-pop idols are born without financial difficulties, including Minnie, the “My Bag” singer is not an ordinary rich star.

In particular, she is a member of the “High Society” class of Thailand (Hi-So), people whose families were extremely wealthy and influential in Thailand.

Usually Hi-So members are often seen wearing designer items from upscale department stores, and their family has a strong political network.

To be part of this class, your family must have a net worth of at least $7 million.

Indeed, Minnie belongs to this class. His grandfather owned luxury resorts. She was also born to parents where her father is the president of YMCA’s Group in Thailand, and her mother is a pianist who owns an elite resort.

Minnie’s uncles and aunts also have extraordinary backgrounds. One of her uncles is the legendary Thai classical pianist Nat Yontararak, and her aunt Sugar Yontararak is the great—granddaughter of the last king of Lanna, the northern kingdom of Thailand.

Because of this, Minnie’s nickname “Princess Yontararak” makes sense given her family background.

Even more surprising was that Minnie left her high status in Thailand to fulfill her dream of becoming a K-pop idol. In the context, Minnie has always wanted to become a singer since childhood, which led her to record at the G-Vocal studio in Thailand.

At that time, the applicant’s teacher for the role of idol advised her to try to audition for Cube Entertainment. Fortunately, it passed! She then moved to Korea to train for about three years, and finally debuted as (G)I-DLE.


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